History of the Chuck Diesel Invitational Golf Tournament

(according to the man himself, Chuck Diesel):

Golf for me is the ultimate challenge, and finding success on the course gives me a real sense of accomplishment. When I first got hooked on golf, I immediately wanted to share with my friends how awesome it is. And the more I got into golf, the more I started thinking about how I could make it more interesting for my friends and I. Because we’re all hilariously competitive, a tournament seemed the obvious way to go. Not a regular tournament, but something really fun and friendly where people did not have to stress about playing well, they just needed to have a great time.

In 2006 I gave it a shot and pulled together the 1st Chuck Diesel Invitational. Naming it after myself seemed just ridiculous enough (using the nickname everyone calls me, though I don’t remember exactly why). That year there were 6 of us, and we played at Maplewood in Renton. Fun was had, competition was fierce, and no one got hurt (except our buddy Chad, who chipped his tooth on a piece of glass in his salad). After hearing from everyone about what a great time they had, I decided this must become an annual tournament.

The next Year West Seattle seemed like a better spot because it’s home and the vibe there is great. We moved the tournament there, and over the next few years things started growing organically; people began to hear about it, ask when next year’s was, if they could play, etc. It was on.

For the last 3 years we have set aggressive goals and continue to over deliver

We continue to grow our yearly donation to The First Tee of Greater Seattle, and have aggressive goals to increase our yearly donation 25% or more each year for the next 3 years.

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