Crooked Club Supports Lady’s of the links charity golf tournament

Stuart, Beth and Charlie spreading the gospel at the “Lady of the Links” ( Nice Shirts ).

Beth, Stuart, and I volunteered yesterday at Broardmore Country Club for the Lady’s of the links charity golf tournament. They also benefit The First Tee of Greater Seattle, it was really a great experience to witness how they run it. We took some good notes on how to make things better/smoother for us so that will be nice to implement this year. The biggest thing I took from yesterday and the success they have in raising so much money was their auctions. They have been able to procure some pretty awesome items over the years. If everyone can keep thinking of fun things like experiences as well as product for the auctions that would be great. If you have connections with restaurants, hotels, rafting trips, fishing trips, golf trips, backstage concert, sports tickets, things like that would be great. Another thing I took away yesterday is how damn good we looked in out crooked club attire.

We thank everyone at The First Tee for allowing us to help out and subliminally spread the gospel of CDI.



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