The Chuck Diesel Invitational retired in 2018 after 11 tournaments, 1000s of players, 100s of sponsors and giving back over $170,000 to the 1st Tee of Greater Seattle.

We can not thank you enough for making our summers the past 11 years more rewarding, more fun, with so much giving back and amazing memories.

The First Tee of Greater Seattle continues to exceed our expectations with their leadership and giving back to youth and our communities. We would appreciate any good will (i.e. donations) to go directly to them. – Click Here (Im sure Evan and Josh will high-five you).

Whats next: The #CrookedClub mindset continues. The Chuck Diesel Invitational Golf Tournament, was a physical manifestation of the #crookedclub mindset, a group of like-minded people, who enjoy golf, competing for glory, making new friends and giving back.

Thank You,
Charlie Anderson & The Crooked Club