Thank You #crookedclub…. You came out and play-i-aayed in a BIG way-i-aay!!

We set out to raise $40,000…. And….. We raised $44,088.44!!!

Can you dig it…. Cannnn youuuu dig it…. Caaaaaaaannnn you diiiiiiiggg ittttt!!!!

The Chuck Diesel Invitational, its players, sponsors and volunteers are extremely excited to announce its 2017 contribution to The First Tee of Greater Seattle’s youth program and new Clubhouse at Jefferson Park. The $44,088.44 is the 3rd year contribution in a 3 year commitment to support the operational costs to outfit the Crooked Club Fitting Room.


The Chuck Diesel Invitational Golf Tournament raises money for Seattle’s youth by bringing together like-minded people who enjoy golf, competing for glory, making new friends and giving back.



The Chuck Diesel Invitational was founded in 2006 when a young man named Charlie Anderson decided to get a bunch of friends together, known as the #CrookedClub, to golf, smile, and do some good.

The 2017 Chuck Diesel Invitational Golf Tournament will follow the #crookedclub on an epic adventure through the boroughs of the West Seattle Golf Course September 9th, 2017.


The CDI has surged to become one of the top four financial supporters of The First Tee of Greater Seattle alongside massive corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft. Over the last 10 years we have donated more than $80,000 ($50,000+ in the last 2 years) to The First Tee. We have set ourselves up with an aggressive but attainable donation goal of $40,000 for 2017.

In its 10th year, we find ourselves challenged with a gauntlet of on course fun, partnering with our gang (108 players), to get back to the Island (19th Hole). In a classic throwback and homage to “The Warriors”, we encourage our #crookedclub to “come out and plaiiiyyyyy”. When we are wearing our colors we can’t hide… but who wants to hide, it’s the teamwork in our journey that makes it fun.


Message From Chuck

Kids are the future-we will all need to rely on them to take care of us and the world. I feel the more we can do to help them get on the right path the better. Whether it’s a kid who likes golf already or some knucklehead that needs more positivity in their life, The First Tee is there to help. I have become friends with the fine folk at The First Tee of greater Seattle; watching them work so hard motivates me to work harder to raise more money for them. They are all passionate, genuine people that I look up to and am excited to continue to support through the CDI.

Why First Tee?

Teaching life lessons to kids through the game of golf? Awesome! It really registered with me how the First Tee’s Nine Core Values are aligned with golf: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment. At The First Tee, youth discover the power of demonstrating responsibility and integrity beyond the golf course and apply lessons about goal-setting and staying positive in the classroom, at home, in the neighborhood and the community as well as other areas of their lives.

Jefferson Park Golf Course

For these young people, Jefferson Park is more than a golf course. It is a safe and nurturing place where they spend time with caring adults who listen to them and help guide them to realize their potential. It is where they learn alongside peers from all backgrounds and grow to appreciate the strength in diversity. Jefferson Park is where children gain a meaningful glimpse of their own unique capabilities, so that they too may contribute to the betterment of their communities and the lives of others.

The First Tee Clubhouse

This year The First Tee of Greater Seattle is raising funds to develop a stand alone learning center at the Jefferson Park Golf Course. With this facility, young people will have access to an array of resources with the supervision of caring adults, including a multipurpose classroom to support daily lessons, career and college exploration, and homework assistance. It will also feature indoor/outdoor golf instruction and practice areas offering year-round coaching and mentoring to cultivate their interest and skills in the game of golf.

The Crooked Club Fitting Room

The Chuck Diesel Invitational is excited to announce its commitment to the First Tee Clubhouse at Jefferson Park. A proposed self designated 3-year contribution of support and operational costs for the Crooked Club Fitting Room.

The proposed Crooked Club Fitting Room would be a planned area inside the new First Tee Clubhouse. This teaching zone will have the tools and space needed to fix, resize, re-grip, and customize golf clubs for proper fit, length, loft, and lie. It will also have a place to store, clean and maintain donated clubs while providing hands on learning for this time honored craft.

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